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FUND NAME Crown Capital FCR
FUND TYPE Capitalization Fund
TARGET FUND SIZE € 50,000,000.00
21 Months
QUOTA 141 Participants
INVESTMENT DIRECTION Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Student Apartments, and Corporate Equity Involving Noble Metals


The Crown Capital (FCR) is a Venture Capital fund, whose capital is intended to be invested in the acquisition of equity instruments or equity equivalent instruments and debt instruments, of micro, small and medium sized enterprises, with high growth and expansion potential, in their constitution phase or initial phase of their business development, and whose capitalization plan is deemed viable, with the view of benefiting from the relevant appreciation. (Extracted from Article 2 of the Management Regulations for Crown Capital)

The Fund’s Capital offered for subscription of investors is up to € 50,000,000.00 (fifty million euros), represented by 50,000 (fifty thousand) Units, with a subscription price of € 1,000 (one thousand euros) each. (Extracted from Article 5 of the Management Regulations for Crown Capital)

The Fund Units to be offered shall be the following:

  • 50 (fifty) Category A Units with a subscription price of € 1,000.00 (one thousand Euros) each;
  • 49,500 (forty-nine thousand nine hundred and fifty) Category B Units with a subscription price of € 1,000.00 (one thousand Euros) each.

The Category A Units are exclusively subscribed by Professional Clients who, at the sole discretion of the Management Entity, may bring added value to the Fund. Category A Investors are required to invest at least € 50,000, and are entitled to receive notice of, attend, participate and vote at any General Meeting of the Fund.

The Category B Units are subscribed by Professional or Non-Professional Clients, and are entitled to receive notice of, attend and participate at any General Meeting of the Fund, but without voting rights. (For more information please refer to Article 10 of the Management Regulations for Crown Capital)


Fund Approval Certificate approved by Portugal Securities Regulatory Commission is the official proof of fund compliance.

Informative Documents include basic fund information, risk warning, investor rights and interests, etc.

Membership Certificate of Crown Capital (FCR) issued by the Investment Immigrantion Council (IMC).


Fund Management Structure


Fund Management Company

Insula Capital is a real estate investment fund management company that has been operating since July 30, 1987 and is regulated by the Portugal's Securities and Exchange Commission (CMVM). With its flexible operating structure and its ability to make quick decisions, Insula Capital is able to make adjustments and provide dedicated, professional and tailor-made solutions according to the actual situation of each investor and various assets. Since the reorganization of Insula Capital in 2019, the advantages of real estate funds have been highlighted. In just two years, Insula Capital has reached €600 million in assets under management, allocated across 7 funds.

The investment universe is particularly strong in real estate investment funds, in addition to developing and managing real estate projects in:

  • Greenfield/development/renovation: conceptual design, approval of permits, construction, sale or lease;
  • Restructuring: implement the framing and construction programs to restructure real estate assets or mix with lease by using the principle of making the best possible use of materials;
  • Management: services such as property management, leasing and marketing.

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Audit Institute

BDO, founded in Europe in 1963, has the fifth largest accounting network in the world, with over 1,600 offices and over 88,000 partners and employees.

By using the same audit method and a common software platform worldwide, the level of work performed by each office and the corresponding work paradigm will be maintained consistent and transparent. This meets the requirements for an international fund operation.

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Depository Bank

Bison Bank, established in Europe in 2000, provides a wide range of professional wealth management, depository and custody and investment banking services to individual and institutional clients.

Bison Bank has provided savings banking services for more than 15 years for all types of asset management companies and the fund. The asset under management (AuM) exceeds €900 million.

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Legal Advisor

Ana Bruno Law Firm was established in 2004 and survives based on the professional practice of its founding partner, Ana Bruno, focusing on the effective adoption of legal solutions to meet the needs of each client.

Its qualities and extensive work have led to the establishment of special branch offices in the jurisdictions of its main sources of business, namely Angola, Mozambique, the United Arab Emirates and, more recently, Macau.

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Potential Portofolio - FOZ DO TEJO

Foz do Tejo, located in Caxias, in the municipality of Oeiras, will be a residential project (houses, multifamily buildings and apartment towers), hotel and Retail and services unit, with an area of about 32 Hectares. The Foz do Tejo is about 12 km from Marquês de Pombal square, being strategically located between Lisbon and Oeiras, with great access to Lisbon, Oeiras, Estoril, Cascais and Sintra.

The type of relief of this property, on slope, allows all buildings to enjoy magnificent views, to the river, ocean and Jamor. The Foz do Tejo is clearly the best land with seafront location between Lisbon and Cascais and will be, without the slightest doubt, the most prestigious venture of the municipality of Oeiras.

The project will be in the future identified by the high brands of Alto do Rio (area of the allotment located in the highest quota and destined for residential construction of high density and hospitality) and Alto do Farol (area of the allotment located near the marginal and Residential construction of low density and trade and services).


Total Land Area 32 hectares
Total Gross Construction Area (GCA) 127,810 sqm
Residential Area 62,265 sqm
Residential Units 342
Residential Multi-Family Plots 8
Residential Single-Family Plots 12
Office Area 15,837 sqm
Retail Area 11,208 sqm
Hotel Area 38,500 sqm
Hotel Rooms 202
Hotel Apartments 228
Foz do Tejo
Foz do Tejo



Estrada da luz 90-5B, Lisboa, Portugal


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